Renter/First-Time Buyer Time to buy? Come and talk to us. We can advise on credit strengths and weaknesses, work out borrowing strategies and available mechanisms to get you the best deal, help you get a loan approved and ready for action. Our extensive listing database will help us narrow down your dream home and put together an offer that's sure to be accepted. We will diligently pursue your purchase through the Escrow process to closing.  Your dream home - delivered.

Investment property or residential purchases

discover here Are you a seasoned buyer? Perhaps you've moved many times? Perhaps you buy properties for investment purposes?

cost of zestoretic Our extensive experience in the procurement process, including fund verification and cash flow analysis, means that you have someone who has 'walked the walk' on your side.

This may not be your dream home, but we aim to make it a dream purchase.

Home Sales

Whatever your reason for moving on, moving up or downsizing, we have your best interests at heart. Whether a 'buyers market', 'sellers market', or 'normal market', we will tell it to you straight. This minimizes the time the property is on the market, and ensures you achieve top Dollar in whichever market conditions exist.

The local and national marketing power of a brand such as Remax gives us the edge in displaying your property to the maximum number of ready, able, and willing buyers.


Representing Buyers

As the buying side of a deal, you need to be independently represented, with a agent that has your, and not the sellers, best interests at heart. We will find you the perfect home, support you in finding the best financing deal, and present a winning offer. That home will be yours...



Representing Sellers

We know what it takes to market and sell a property. From curb appeal to school districts, we have the expertise to make your home stand out and have the buyers salivating to buy it. We know what the market is doing, better than anyone else in Chula Vista, so rest assured you will get top Dollar for your home.


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Buying, selling or just perusing, get ahead of the game and get professional advice today. It could put you on the road to a successful Real Estate deal. We deliver dream homes.